OOO “ELSA GROUPE” established in the year 2005 is now one of the leading Russian companies which distribute products for gardening, landscape designing, florist decoration and in-house floriculture in the Russian and Ukrainian markets. We consider a dynamic growth, care about customers and high level of service as our company’s priorities and the basis for further development.

The important factor which increases our sales volumes is a vast network of active representatives situated in the customer-oriented regions. The company’s affiliates with their total warehouse area of more than 5 000m2 operate throughout Russia (including Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg) as well as Ukraine (Kiev). This is only one of the many competitive advantages of OOO “ELSA GROUPE”. Besides, more than 100 professional and highly skilled employees constantly update and extend the products’ range on offer, seek for reliable suppliers and carefully study the customer’s needs in accordance with the latest market trends.

The company is specialized in distributing home & garden products such as: ceramic, plastic and clay planters, flower pots, vases, fountains, decorative lighting devices, garden sundry and instruments, florist accessories, artificial flowers, landscape statues and interior décors.

OOO “ELSA GROUPE” cooperates with such major European suppliers as “DeRoma” (Italy), “Scheurich” (Germany), “Santino Srl” (Eastern Europe) and a lot of other suppliers from the south-eastern Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union republics).

The annual sales volumes of the company are on the permanent increase thanks to the high level of service offered to the customers whose numbers are growing day by day.

More than 4 000 shops have already become our partners which range from retail network shops, florist salons, Internet shops, shops for household goods & appliances, up to some largest international and local networks of the DIY type. Among these there are:

AUCHAN hypermarket network;

EPICENTER (Ukraine) DIY-hypermarket network;

PYATYOROCHKA,  PEREKRYOSTOK,  KARUSEL from X5 RETAIL GROUPE  (more than 2000 different-sized shops);

DIY-hypermarkets LEROY MERLIN;

European DIY-hypermarket network CASTORAMA from KING FISHER GROUPE;

HOME CENTER (Israel) household hypermarket network;

Household supermarkets YUTERA (Russia);

MAGNIT (Russia) foods supermarket network;

KRASNAYA PLOSCHAD’ (Russia) household hypermarket network;

TBOY DOM (Russia) household hypermarket network;

MIR UVLECHENYI (Russia) specialized supermarket network for gardening;

NASH DOM (Russia) household hypermarket network;

Household supermarket network KENGURU (Russia);

BELAYA DACHA (Russia) specialized shopping malls;

IRIS (Russia) florist network;

DIY-supermarkets DOMOVOY (Russia);

METRIKA (Russia) DIY-hypermarket network;

START (Russia) DIY-hypermarket network;

Household hypermarket network METR KVADRATNYI (Russia);

K-RAUTA (Holland) DIY-hypermarket network;

DIY-hypermarket network NOVAYA LINIYA (Ukraine);

FOZZY (Ukraine) household supermarket network;

FURSHET (Ukraine) supermarket network for household goods;

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